In the Media

Despite the fact that African Property Group has been running for less than three years it has been recognised around the world.

African Property Group has been featured in conferences in Gaborone/Botswana, Lisbon/Portugal, Sydney/Australia, London/UK, Kigali/Rwanda, Bangkok/Thailand and Nairobi/Kenya.

Below is a selection of our media exposure.


Just as Africar Group led a digital revolution in Africa’s automotive industry, African Property Group, a subsidiary of ECV Group, is harnessing the power of technology to reshape Africa’s real estate landscape.

TechinAfrica – June 2023

Emerging Classifieds Ventures-backed used auto vertical AfriCar entered the African market last year and has since spread its business model to 40 countries; despite it failing elsewhere.

AIM Group – October 2018

Africar Group Expansion in Africa makes them establish bases in 10 more countries.

TechInAfrica – June 2018


…covering all together a market of more than 65 million people, these websites are significant for the developing nations and are the first of their type in those marketplaces.

Africa Business Communities – June 2017


Africar Group and African Property Group: The first real estate and car classifieds mobile applications in Africa.

PRNewswire – June 2017